Services: Maintenance Programs

Services: maintenance programs
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Stoneart Aust P/L is able to provide regular maintenance programs as well as one off makeovers for your polished concrete floor. The unique high quality products we use ensure a transformed fresh look every time.

Our maintenance/makeover programs include the following– a thorough clean, removal of scuff marks, restoring correct degree of shine, reapplication of sealer , buffing and polishing to create a fresh looking, new polished concrete finish.

For commercial floors that have heavy traffic usage we are able to provide a daily maintenance service to keep your floors in pristine condition 24 hours a day. For commercial floors that have light to medium usage we are able to provide a weekly maintenance service that is economical as well as convenient. For residential floors we recommend a simple makeover every 12 – 18 months.

Please contact us on 1300 651 261 to organize an obligation free quote for the ongoing or one off care of your polished concrete floor.

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