About Us


Stoneart is an innovative concrete and natural stone polishing company that goes beyond just delivering a basic finished product. We are recognised for delivering high quality, professional and superior customer service.

Stoneart Aust P/L was founded on an idea that in every piece of stone and concrete, lies a unique expression of art. Stoneart transforms plain slabs of concrete and stone into interesting, unique and beautiful features and designs.

Stoneart is made up of an experienced, enthusiastic team who are well trained in the latest technologies, designs and products. Stoneart’s managing director believes strongly in dealing direct with customers. His hands on approach in the everyday management of this successful business, allows him to achieve this and guarantee 100% commitment to producing quality workmanship for each project.

When you deal with Stoneart you can be guaranteed:

  • Attention to detail, care
  • Meeting of strict deadlines, proven record of being efficient.
  • High quality of work
  • Flexibility in our delivery of services by working within timeframes suitable to your specific needs
  • Professional approach and management of your project.

We are experienced in and cover a broad range of indoor and outdoor projects. Some of which include:

  • Restaurants, cafes, shops
  • Shopping centres, Clubs and pubs
  • Residential properties, commercial showrooms, industrial warehouses
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