Can you polish an existing concrete slab?

Yes definitely. A lot of our recent work has been for customers who are tired of the old look of carpet and floor boards and are wanting a fresh new look. They remove the floor covering and we polish the concrete underneath providing a new, contemporary, low maintenance floor that they have all been happy with. The overall look will depend upon the type of concrete MPa of the slab, the aggregate density and the state and level of damage to the concrete floor.

Can I choose the aggregate for a new concrete slab?

Yes, if you are laying a new concrete slab. As well as selecting different cement colours in concrete, there are various aggregate colours, types, sizes and minerals to choose for the topping mix. You will need to discuss these options with your concrete supplier.

Is there an alternative to the exposed aggregate look?

Yes, the depth of the grind can give different levels of stone/aggregate exposure showing in the final finish. A non exposed aggregate finish can be achieved.

Can I colour my polished concrete floor?

Yes, if you are laying a new slab, there are different cement colours to choose from, which you will need to discuss with your concrete supplier.

How do I achieve a uniform aggregate finish?

The uniformity of the finished floor is determined by the distribution of the aggregate in the concrete.

What is burnishing?

This is a term applied to the finishing on concrete surfaces to produce a hard wearing durable finish with a surface luster.

What sealers are applied?

This depends on the finish required and also the varying parameters of the floor.

What is the function of a sealer?

To prevent staining of the surface and to assist with cleaning of the surface. It also helps the exposed surface finish look good for many years.

How much does polished concrete cost?

The price varies according to the condition of the slab, the size of the area, the level of grinding required, the aggregate exposure desired and the final finishing sealer. Polished concrete is a cost effective alternative comparable to timber, tiles, carpet, vinyl, pavers, stencil crete etc. Prices to suit your particular project are available on enquiry.

When should I liase with a concrete polisher?

At the very earliest planning stage is best and can provide cost benefits to the client.

Is a polished concrete floor slippery for outdoors?

No, the surface can be made non slip, e.g. pool and outdoor entertaining areas.

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