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Polishing of Existing & New, Indoor & Outdoor Concrete

In recent years, concrete has increasingly become the material of choice for many floors. The term polished concrete describes a decorative floor finish which leaves the concrete exposed as the final finish. This too is becoming the floor finish of choice for many architects, interior designers, builders and home owners because of its limitless benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Low maintenance, with only regular cleaning required. Sealers prevent staining and should keep the finish looking fresh.
  • Durable, as Polished Concrete slabs are a lifetime investment.
  • Cost effective, an affordable alternative to expensive floor treatments with a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from. Practical, with the beauty of a natural stone look.
  • Seamless, with no grout to replace or clean.
  • Dust and allergy free, producing a healthier environment.
  • Energy efficient, by being cooler in summer & warmer in winter with a heating element previously installed in the concrete.
  • Proven over centuries.
  • Contemporary yet timeless appearance from rustic to classic created by inserting glass, crystal, round or crushed rocks or even a metal logo placed into the concrete.
  • It has a broad spectrum of design opportunities which provide a creative alternative to new, tired or covered concrete.

Polished concrete can be divided into 2 main types.

Exposed Aggregate Finish – are achieved by grinding the surface of the concrete to remove the layer of cement paste to expose the aggregate or stones within the concrete or topping mix. The surface is then polished using progressively finer grinding pads. To prevent staining of the surface a sealer is used and the possible option of burnishing may also be applied. This provides a hard wearing, durable finish with a surface lustre.

A variety of coloured and polished granite type finishes can be produced with the possible effects being absolutely stunning.

Non Exposed Aggregate Finish – Primarily a high steel trowel concrete finish which is lightly machined at the appropriate time to achieve a generally smooth, texturized floor. Often showing a level of trowel marks which largely adds to a natural, contemporary, minimal looking floor.

Typically. normal grey concrete is used, but concrete incorporating off white cement can also be used to achieve a lighter & more consistent colour.

A waxed, low sheen or high gloss finish can easily be achieved to meet the customers desired look.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

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Non-exposed Aggregate Finish

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